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Philosophy / Engineering / Setup
AC Schnitzer wheel spacers allow the further to use of the standard wheels but at the same time ensure that the wheels are positioned 10 mm further out on each side. By widening the track width, the lateral support of the chasis is improved, which increases driving stability. The car looks much more powerful and sporty with the wheel spacers.

The use of AC Schnitzer wheel spacers is a good combination of sporty vehicle appearance, with improved driving dynamics on the one hand and relatively low conversion effort on the other.

Homologation Certificate
The parts homologation certificate is an official document which allows the use of tuning parts in public road traffic within the framework of the (StVZO) German road traffic licensing regulations (and some other countries). After installation or conversion of the part described in the certificate, the vehicle must be presented to an official inspection body. The inspector determines the correct installation and the authenticity of the part and subsequently enters the modification in the vehicle documents. The official operating license of the vehicle thus remains in force. The parts homologation certificate is part of the scope of delivery.

Scope of delivery:
- 4 x wheels spacers (10 mm each side)
- 4 x 5 wheel bolts M14 x 1,24 x 38 mm
- mounting instructions
- homologation certificate

Uniqueness of the AC Schnitzer spacers
- extension of track width by 20 mm per axle
- further use of standard wheels
- improved wheel support due to track gauge change
- more driving pleasure
- tested on the road and race tracks
- improved curve handling
- improved driving dynamics
- sporty optics

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