RS adjustable suspension for M3 E46 Coupé

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adjustable in height
adjustable bump and rebound
for M3 E46 Coupé

Product Information:

Fine-tuning down to the last detail

AC Schnitzer offers you tested adjustment recommendations for rebound and compression levels, which you can transfer to your individual driving behaviour.

Infinitely variable height adjustment of the chassis up to 35mm possible.

The use of the AC Schnitzer chassis ranges from normal road operation to driver training courses and race track operation. An ideal compromise between everyday practicality and racing fun.

Higher agility
Large adjustment range in the damper setting, so that the characteristics of the dampers can be optimally adjusted to the respective application area.
Lowering the centre of gravity by lowering the centre of gravity causes a noticeable increase in driving dynamics and cornering.

Increased security
By changing the centre of gravity of the vehicle, higher safety reserves are created during evasive manoeuvres and load changes, as well as a consequent increase in the limit range.
The authenticity certificate of the original AC Schnitzer chassis guarantees you a high safety standard and the best quality.
Developed and extensively tested on the Nordschleife of the Nürburgring, where every test result is consistently used for improvement.

Increased Driving Spa
The AC Schnitzer RS coilover suspension is a real all-round talent, it shines not only on the country road but also on the race track. The suspension settings can be individually adjusted to suit individual requirements.
The AC Schnitzer RS coilover suspension provides an emotional and varied driving experience for sporty, ambitious drivers.

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