Karbon "Racing" vinge Toyota GR Supra

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for Toyota GR Supra
Note: Installation of the carbon rear wing is only possible in combination with original AC Schnitzer front splitter/ 5111190330 !

Product Information:

Free from the compromises of series production, AC Schnitzer develops custom components to the highest standard of perfection.

“Form follows function“ - This guiding principle is systematically applied by the engineers and designers of the aerodynamic components for the Toyota GR Supra vehicles.

AC Schnitzer aerodynamic components pick up and subtly emphasise the styling lines of the base vehicle, while giving the body striking new contours.

At the same time however, they have a real effect: They increase downforce on the front and/or rear axles, to ensure better ground adhesion.

Only high quality composite materials, such as PU Rim or carbon, are used in production of our AC Schnitzer aerodynamic components. Because only these materials meet our high quality standard.

Material: Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastic
Carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic - or carbon for short - has a unique quality. Carbon is ultralight, but at the same time extremely rigid. These properties explain why this material has become essential in motorsport and aerospace technology.

However the fibres are expensive and complex to produce. Fibres are spun into thick threads known as rovings, which are woven into textile-like fibre mats.

These are then impregnated with different plastics in a further step, at which point the material becomes very fragile. Even slight stretching will lead to irreparable distortion in the texture and make the product unusable. Working only by hand, skilled craftsmen can make this ultra-delicate fabric into complex shapes. Such a work process requires extensive experience and fingertip feel.

When the components have been hardened in the autoclave, the surface is lacquered. This is a very sophisticated process because of the many indentations in this fabric-like structure. So the flawless surface finally reflects one factor above all: perfection down to the lowest fibre.

Creative Design
PUR, ASA oder Carbon: at AC Schnitzer, all draft designs originate from a true Italian artist: Michele Viandante, who has been Head Designer here for many years. Naturally his designs are not only beautiful but must prove their suitability: for example, many parts are function-tested in the wind tunnel.

If the calculations match the results, further tests follow. Only when all tests have been passed AC Schnitzer aerodynamic components released for sale worldwide.

Scope of delivery:
- carbon “Racing“ rear wing, clear coated
- rear wing side parts, set
- rear wing feet, set
- vitro sticker
- vehicle specific mounting package
- mounting instructions

Uniqueness of the carbon “Racing“ rear wing

- enhance downforce on the rear axle
- lightweight construction
- sporty design
- very high strength
- Made in Germany
- made of carbon
- long lasting
- developed exclusively for Toyota GR Supra
- 2 years warranty

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