Performance upgrade for M4 F82/F83 (510hp)

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For engine S55B30TO
and 317 kW / 431 hp
and 331 kW / 450 PS standard performance
for cars with and without otto particle filter SA 01DE
performance: 375 kW / 510 hp
torque standard: 550Nm
torque AC Schnitzer: 645Nm
measured according to current test procedure WLTP/ Euro 6d-TEMP
specifications only when using at least 98 octane fuel
Inclusive 48 months AC Schnitzer warranty from initial registration !
Before ordering car data and car owner data and also mileage reading must be indicated !
NOTE: Homologation only for cars with duplex clutch transmission!
You can mount this item individually or in combination with an AC Schnitzer silencer. Homologations for this area of application are available and are supplied with the product.

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