Down pipe with sports catalyst for 540i, 540i xDrive

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for 540i, 540i xDrive
sport catalysator 300 cpsi
emission standard EURO 6
not for cars with otto particle filter SA 1DE

Product Information:

A catalytic converter is used to convert harmful exhaust gas components produced by internal combustion engines into harmless gases. The chemical processes responsible for this conversion take place inside the catalyst.

The following substances are converted:

- unburned hydrocarbons (HC) in carbon dioxide (CO2) and water steam (H2O)
- Carbon monoxide (CO) in carbon dioxide (CO2)
- Nitrogen oxides (NO, NO2) in nitrogen (N2) and oxygen (O2)

Since these three processes take place in parallel in the catalytic converter, it is referred to as a three-way catalytic converter.

The AC Schnitzer downpipe is made entirely of high-quality stainless steel. It has two lambda sensor connections and an integrated sports catalytic converter with 300 cell/inch (series: 600 cell/inch). The lower number of cells per inch (cpsi) compared to standard catalytic converters means that exhaust gases are purified faster, exhaust back pressure is reduced and the engine achieves higher performance.

The interior of the sports catalyst contains a metallic carrier, the metal monolith. This beam is traversed in the longitudinal direction by a large number of fine channels. They increase the effective surface area of the catalyst. By using a high-quality coating inside the catalytic converter, the engine continues to achieve the legally prescribed exhaust gas values.

The net surface is coated with a highly porous layer (wash coat) in which precious metals (platinum, palladium and rhodium) are embedded. These precious metals are the actual catalyst on which the chemical reactions for exhaust gas purification take place.

In order to be fully effective, a three-way catalytic converter requires a certain exhaust gas composition. It must release exactly as much oxygen as is required to oxidize the hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide. This is the case when 1 part of fuel is mixed with 14.7 parts of air and burned in the engine. This is called a stoichiometric mixture (lambda = 1).

To achieve this mixture, the lambda probe screwed into the exhaust pipe between the engine and catalytic converter measures the residual oxygen content in the exhaust gas. The motor control processes the measurement result and gives the control impulses for optimum mixture formation.

The AC Schnitzer sports catalyst is a powerful metal catalyst. Its design makes a significant contribution to reducing the exhaust back pressure. The lower exhaust back pressure allows the turbocharger to build up pressure more quickly and thus supply more compressed air to the engine. The noticeable results are increased performance by reducing the back pressure and increasing the torque.

Thanks to CAD design, the AC Schnitzer sports catalytic converter fits perfectly. By replacing it with the standard part, installation is also quick and easy.

Scope of delivery
- AC Schnitzer sports catalyst with 300 cells (cpsi)
- packing
- mounting instructions
- information sheet ECE regulation

Uniqueness of the AC Schnitzer sports catalytic converter
- performance increase + approx. 8 - 10 hp in the medium rev range
- better sound
- ECE approval - no registration required
- made in Germany
- exclusively for BMW cars
- increased engine performance by reducing the exhaust back pressure
- 300 cpsi
- stainless steel catalyst with heat insulator
- optimised flow technology

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