Beskyttelsesfolie bagasjeromslist for iX3 G08

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Beskyttelsesfolie bagasjeromslist for iX3.

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black, self adhesive
for cars with M-sport package SA337 or M-technic S715AProduct Information:

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Philosophy / Conclusion
We adapt the AC Schnitzer rear skirt protection foil individually to each vehicle. This provides optimum protection for the loading edge of the boot against scratches that can occur when loading the vehicle.
The AC Schnitzer rear apron protective film thus significantly improves everyday suitability. It is also easy to install and registration-free.

Scope of delivery:
- Rear Skirt Protection Foil
- mounting instructions
- registration free

Uniqueness of the AC Schnitzer Rear Skirt Protection Foil
- optimal protection of the loading sill
- deep structured, matt black surface
- incl. AC Schnitzer logo
- self-adhesive
- simple assembly, because self-adhesive
- high performance film (F-506)
- extra thick film (440 ± 50 μm)
- highly scratch-resistant
- high weather resistance

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