AC Schnitzer suspension spring kit for BMW 2 series G42 Coupé M240i xDrive

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Lagerbeholdning :
for M240i Coupé, M240i xDrive Coupé
lowering FA ca. 15 - 20mm
lowering RA ca. 15 - 20mm

AC Schnitzer Spring Kit
- optimum lowering
- more driving pleasure

Uniqueness of the AC Schnitzer Spring Kit
- tested on the road and race tracks
- lowering vehicle's centre of gravity
- improved curve handling
- improved driving dynamics
- high residual spring travel
- good driving comfort
Scope of delivery:
- 2 x springs for the front axle
- 2 x springs for the rear axle
- certificate of authenticity
- sticker "Suspension Technology approved on the Nürburgring"
- mounting instructions
- homologation certificate

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