AC Schnitzer Silencer + soundtube "sport" for 540i / 540i xDrive

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For 540i / 540i xDrive
for cars with M-sport package SA 337 or M-technic SA 715
not for cars with otto particle filter SA1DE

Important consumer notice: This article is not intended for use in the public road traffic permitted. In Germany applies: Use only for racing purposes!

Product Information:

Scope of Delivery:

- rear silencer made of stainless steel
- exhaust trap
- Sound Tube
- "Sport" endpipes

Uniqueness of the AC Schnitzer Silencer
- stainless steel silencer
- tailpipes design "Sport"
- different tailpipes versions possible
- acoustic and optical signature of your BMW
- sonorous sound
- improved flow of exhaust gases
- engine works more efficiently and "breathes" properly

Philosophy / Engineering
Original AC Schnitzer high performance silencers are made from stainless steel with different tailpipes. They all offer - especially in combination with an AC Schnitzer performance upgrade - a sporty, effective overall package. A sonorous sound (cars with petrol engines) and a sporty appearance are always scope of delivery.

The Certificates of Authenticity of the original AC Schnitzer silencers and original AC Schnitzer tailtrims guarantee maximum safety and highest quality.

Greater Agility
With an original AC Schnitzer silencer specially designed for your engine, you benefit from an improved, more direct response as the exhaust gases are flowing quickly and the engine is free to develop its full power.

The improved flow of exhaust gases allows your car's engine to work more efficiently and "breathe" properly. This can improve the engine performance.

Greater Driving Pleasure
Even in the lower rpm ranges, the system emits a characteristic, sporting sonorous note.

Increased Safety
The original AC Schnitzer silencers are made from V2A stainless steel for very long life and optimum resistance to corrosion.

Sound Tube
As a second stage of the pure conversion with the AC Schnitzer rear silencer, we offer an optional sound tube. Like the silencer, this one is also made of stainless steel and it amplifies the sonorous sound of the silencer; it makes it sound "worse" and louder.

AC Schnitzer Exhaust System - Four Criteria of Development

1. Sound Engineering
Every vehicle undergoes separate sound development in the sound laboratory before the exhaust systems are tested in all possible rev ranges, both indoors and outside, and on a drive-by. The extensive test runs take place on race tracks and on public roads.

2. Precision Fit
Before finalizing the resonance body, the underfloor of the model concerned is analyzed for construction space. Then the resonance body is defined precisely with all standard fixing points. These are then checked for all vehicle types and engine variants.
To obtain the best performance development for torque and power, it is important to ensure a reduction in exhaust backpressure and at the same time determine the optimum flow paths.

Last but not least, the development of the aerodynamics in the rear skirt region is optimally adapted to the exhaust system and tailpipe variants.

3. Range
The exhaust range offered by AC Schnitzer starts with tailpipe trims, extends through silencers and twin silencers, through to complete systems including optimised metal catalytic converters, to ensure optimum power development.

4. Material/Quality
Only the highest quality stainless steel materials are used in our exhaust systems.

EC Type Approval
The approval of AC Schnitzer special parts for road traffic is a central goal for us when developing new components. This is also crucial in the development of new exhaust systems, silencers and sound pipes.

Most of the AC Schnitzer sport rear silencers are EC-approved.
Registration in the vehicle documents is not required if the EC type approval is carried.

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