Wheel tyre set "anthracite" Michelin Z4 G29

Wheel tyre set "anthracite" Michelin Z4 G29

Wheel tyre set "anthracite" Michelin Z4 G29

for Z4 G29
including RDC wheel electronics modules

Product Information:

Wheelset development at AC Schnitzer
A few definitions in advance

wheel/complete wheel = rim incl. tyre
Wheel set = 4 wheels
Mixed tyres = tyres on front and rear axle different

The wheels have a really important role: they are the postcard-sized connection between the vehicle and the road. They play a key role in the driving and propulsion as well as the deceleration - i.e. braking - of your vehicle. This gives the wheels a key role. Anyone who develops and sells wheels therefore has a great responsibility. We are aware of this responsibility; we have internalized it and implement it with every new development.

AC Schnitzer only uses high-quality brand tyres, which are developed in close cooperation with premium tyre manufacturers. On the one hand, the tyres have to transfer the power of the engine perfectly to the road, on the other hand, properties such as braking behaviour, lateral control, water drainage in rain and the properties in straight running are important decision criteria for or against a tyre.

A wheel set with wide base tyres is always also an investment in increasing driving safety and dynamics. In order to maintain driving comfort when using larger wheel dimensions, we at AC Schnitzer have actively opted against run-flat tyres and for sporty, conventional tyres. Conventional tires build up less rolling resistance and offer noticeably more comfort.

All AC Schnitzer wheel sets are tuned in multi-stage driving tests in traffic and on race tracks. Only after successful test runs the wheels are released for sale. All AC Schnitzer wheel sets are delivered fully assembled and balanced. They are subject to a two-year manufacturer's warranty. The scope of delivery includes mounting materials such as adapters and wheel bolts as well as the homologation certificate (with the exception of marked wheelsets for export).

The wheels not only physically but also optically connect a car to the road. “That‘s why it‘s very important to have the right dimensions between the proportions of the rims to the bodywork,“ explains AC Schnitzer chief designer Michele Viandante. Rims that are too small quickly make a vehicle appear high-legged and unstable. The AC3 Flowforming Rims realise what at first sight seems contradictory: reduction in weight with simultaneously increased wheel diameters.

9 or 10 x 21 inch are the dimensions of the AC3 Flowforming wheels. Two colour variants are available in BiColor Silver/Anthracite or Anthracite matt. Visually, the rims can be clearly assigned to the AC3 rim family and they complement the portfolio in terms of sizes, areas of application and manufacturing processes.

The lower weight of the AC3 Flowforming rims reduces the unsprung masses on the vehicle by about 10 kg and thus also reduces the CO2 emissions of the vehicle. At the same time, there is also a noticeable improvement in driving dynamics, as the gyroscopic forces on the axles are reduced by about four times - by a perceived 40 kg. The AC Schnitzer AC3 Flowforming wheels therefore offer real advantages: for the driver and the environment.

Only high-quality aluminium alloys are used. The material is additionally heat-treated in the production process, which results in higher strength and simultaneous weight reduction.
Material samples during the production process guarantee the constant and high quality of the material.

The flowforming process is one of the most advanced manufacturing technologies in wheel industry. In this production process, after the actual aluminium casting, the raw product is further processed by rolling it out. This step serves to compress the metal, which guarantees greater stability and impact resistance of the rim.

On the other hand, the improved stability also allows the design of the wheels to be more filigree, as the wall thicknesses can be significantly thinner compared to conventionally manufactured rims.

And this is measurable: compared, for example, with the BMW forged rim "Double Spoke 706 M" for the M5, which at 10.5J x 20" is even one inch smaller than the new AC3 Flowforming rims, these are 2.4 kg and 2.5 kg lighter than the BMW rim.

Surface Anthracite matt
In this process, the wheel is first primed, then completely painted. A two-layer clear coat is then applied, consisting of a polyester primer and the matt acrylic clear coat.

Test Procedures / Safety
After their design, the first sample rims are manufactured under real production conditions. These must undergo a multitude of tests. Among other things, the strength is tested. The "rim life" is simulated in the bending circumferential test. Every AC Schnitzer rim must withstand this intact in order to be allowed to be produced and sold at all.
This is followed by vehicle-specific tests, including test installations with check of unobstructed movement and driving tests on public roads and on race tracks. Only after these procedures our rims receive their homologation, i.e. the approval to be used in road traffic.

Wheels are safety-relevant components. Therefore, they are checked and tested with the greatest care. This starts with the first chemical material tests and ends with hard testing machine endurance runs:

- § 30 StVZO wheel guideline
- ECE R124
- Bending-rotation tests
- 90° impact test
- unwinding tests

Scope of delivery:
- 4 complete wheels:
4 rims AC3 Flowforming Anthracite matt – mounted and balanced
- 4 pieces RDC wheel electronic module
- specific hub cover
- quality tag
- homologation certificate
- optional vehicle- and rim-specific mounting and fastening material
- certificate of Authenticity
- 2 years manufacturer's warranty

Uniqueness of the wheel set with the AC3 Flowforming Wheels:

- weight-optimized
- developed exclusively for BMW vehicles
- machined original AC Schnitzer logo
- open design in or Anthracite matt, giving a clear view to the brakes
- engineered in Germany
- compatible with standard RDC system
- also available as a complete wheel
- Warranty 2 years
- production monitored according to ISO standard
- BiColor Silver/Anthracite optionally also in Anthracite matt
- KDS mount for wheel alignment according to BMW specification is available
- Spacers/mounting package for the best possible position in the wheel arch (to be ordered separately)
- Assembly package vehicle specific
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