Performance upgrade for cars with automatic transmission for 420d + 420d xDrive with Diesel particulate filter

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for cars with automatic transmission
for 420d + 420d xDrive with Diesel particulate filter
with engine B47D20O0 and 140 kW / 190 PS standard performance
performance: 163 kW / 222 PS
torque standard: 400Nm
torque AC Schnitzer: 460Nm
Inclusive 60 months AC Schnitzer warranty from initial registration !
Before ordering car data, car owner data and also odometer reading must be indicated!
Homologation certificate for NEDC cars up to production 06/2018

Product Information:

Motor tuning and performance enhancements have a long tradition at AC Schnitzer. In order to ensure that you are on the safe side, we refrain from achieving the maximum possible performance and thus achieve a higher stability, which means a higher durability of the engine.

Many of our performance enhancements are therefore designed to increase the torque rather than the horsepower output. The torque is what you feel when you are pressed into the "seats", for example, when you start off.

6 good reasons for AC Schnitzer's performance increases

For 30 years AC Schnitzer has been exclusively refining BMW brand vehicles

AC Schnitzer performance enhancements are subjected to extensive test series on race tracks, test benches and in daily field service. These test series last up to 9 months and several 10,000 km.

Additional control unit for increased performance. Original plugs guarantee a short workshop stay.

AC Schnitzer performance enhancements are designed for maximum stability.

The start-up and high speed ranges remain at the standard production level. All BMW protection systems remain fully functional.

AC Schnitzer warranty for 3 years from the initial registration of the vehicle.

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