Front splitter sett for M2 Competition

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for M2 Competition

Product Information:

Material: ASA (acrylic ester styrene acrylonitrile)

ASA is a UV-resistant, bleach-resistant, all-purpose material with the mechanical properties of an ABS plastic. The material has a high mechanical resistance combined with the best possible surface finish and aesthetics.

The AC Schnitzer aerodynamic components pick up the lines of the respective vehicle, discreetly reinforce them and give the bodywork exciting new contours.

Efficient Performance by AC Schnitzer
The original AC Schnitzer aerodynamic components improve the driving behaviour by minimising air resistance

Increased security
Long service life due to the use of high quality materials, precision fit at series level, easy painting and assembly, parts certificate

Increased Driving Spa
A noticeable increase in the sportiness of your vehicle thanks to the AC Schnitzer aerodynamic components, which you can experience even more intensively

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