Wheel 10,0 x 20" offset 50 "anthrazit" Rear axle Z4 G29

Wheel 10,0 x 20" offset 50 "anthrazit"	Rear axle Z4 G29

Wheel 10,0 x 20" offset 50 "anthrazit" Rear axle Z4 G29

for Z4 G29
for rear axle

Product Information:

Generation change for AC Schnitzer rims

Not only the name is new, but also the design - both point to a generational shift in the wheel segment at AC Schnitzer. Although the AC1 rims are a new design, in one important aspect they pay tribute to their heritage: they too will certainly become a design classic.

With the new AC1 rims, AC Schnitzer has reinterpreted the classic twin-spoke design. The result is a sporting hybrid look. In a sophisticated style, triangle tips taper towards the rim edge and widen towards the centre, separated by five trapezoids. These draw the eye directly to the unique classic element of the AC1 rim: the pentagonal hub cap with AC Schnitzer logo.

Despite this multiplicity of styling elements, the design appears clean and masculine thanks to the very straight lines. The interplay of all these elements gives the AC1 wheel solidity and size. Especially in motion, the BiColor finish creates a strongly alternating effect.

- weight-optimised cast alloy rims
- produced in the low-pressure casting process with subsequent heat treatment
- open 5-spoke design in BiColor which gives a clear view to the brakes
- embossed original AC Schnitzer logo
- the wheel is corrosion-protected with a high quality clear lacquer,
- guaranteeing a long life
- the basic rim of the AC1 wheel family

Only high-quality aluminium alloys with the AlSi7 or AlSi11 specification are used.
Both types of material are additionally heat-treated in the production process, which results in higher strength and simultaneous weight reduction.
Material samples during the production process guarantee the constant and high quality of the material.

Steps on the way to perfection
A high-quality cast blank is the prerequisite for a perfect and durable wheel. AC Schnitzer uses the low-pressure casting process for its manufacture. The aluminium alloy is pressed into a multi-part casting mould at a pressure of up to 1.2 bar. After cooling to approx. 400 degrees Celsius, the mould is opened and the cast blank is ready for further processing.

This takes place during machining and a complex painting process.
X-ray inspections, leak tests and the use of various measuring methods throughout the entire manufacturing process guarantee the consistent and high quality of the wheel.

Surface bicolor
In this process, the wheel is first primed, then completely painted and finally sealed with an acrylic clear lacquer. Now the surfaces, which are later to shine metallically bright, are turned off. Finally, a two-layer clear coat is applied, consisting of a polyester primer and the acrylic clear coat.

Test Procedures / Safety
After their design, the first sample rims are manufactured under real production conditions. These must undergo a multitude of tests. Among other things, the strength is tested. The "rim life" is simulated in the bending circumferential test. Every AC Schnitzer rim must withstand this intact in order to be allowed to be produced and sold at all.
This is followed by vehicle-specific tests, including test installations with check of unobstructed movement and driving tests on public roads and on race tracks. Only after these procedures our rims receive their homologation, i.e. the approval to be used in road traffic.

Wheels are safety-relevant components. Therefore, they are checked and tested with the greatest care. This starts with the first chemical material tests and ends with hard testing machine endurance runs:

- § 30 StVZO wheel guideline
- ECE R124
- Bending-rotation tests
- 90° impact test
- unwinding tests

Scope of delivery
- Rim AC1 casted, monoblock wheel in BiColor
- Specific hub cover
- Quality tag
- homologation certificate
- Optional vehicle- and rim-specific mounting and fastening material
- Certificate of Authenticity

Uniqueness of the AC1 Light Alloy Wheels
- Engineered in Germany
- Weight-optimized
- heat treated
- Developed exclusively for BMW and MINI vehicles
- With exclusive AC Schnitzer lettering
- Compatible with standard RDC system
- also available as a complete wheel
- Warranty 2 years
- Production monitored according to ISO standard
- BiColor optionally also in anthracite
- KDS mount for wheel alignment according to BMW specification is available
- Spacers/mounting package for the best possible position in the wheel arch (to be ordered separately)
- Assembly package vehicle specific
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